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Breastfeeding Consultant Certification

The Process of Acquiring a Breastfeeding Consultant Certificate

WE can all agree that breastfeeding support goes a long way in ensuring that a mother has the best time with her newborn. Different entities offer breastfeeding support, such as counselors, mentors, and consultants. Each of those entities’ goal is to ensure that all mothers, even though a bit overwhelmed by the changes that come with welcoming a new child, are in top shape to take care of an infant.

Some mothers have all the practical parts of breastfeeding at their fingertips. However, some mothers feel they need to share what is going on in their lives and the changes and challenges mothers face. It helps such mothers when they have breastfeeding support groups that have individuals that have new babies in their lives. In my opinion, sharing helps tackle some issues since mothers can get together and share what their challenges have taught them so far.

A lot of times, I get questions about how I got my breastfeeding consultant certification. I had to take courses based on the field of breastfeeding. There are non-governmental organizations that offer similar training to people for a given time to improve the quality of the services provided to lactating mothers worldwide. Breastfeeding consultant certification is provided by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. This body has recognition from healthcare stakeholders across the globe.

When I go to bed every night, I feel proud of myself and of all mothers and their babies for the steps they take to ensure that they continue to live. I have learned that breastfeeding and motherhood are a great joy but come with challenges that we can eliminate as long as we are willing and motivated. I invite people to look at what I have learned and experienced so far in my profession.

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