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Feeding Habits of Newborn

Newborn babies should feed on breast milk for the first few months of their life outside the womb. Typically newborn babies breastfeed 8-12 times a day in the first month. The more they suckle, the more breasts become stimulated to produce more milk. When they are about two months old, the feeding frequency reduces to about seven to nine times a day. I advise others to feed their babies on demand rather than structuring a schedule for them.

As a lactation expert, I guide mothers about how they can go about feeding their babies. I tell them how much they should take between feeding, how long each feeding session should take, and how to treat the baby immediately after breastfeeding. I also take time to discuss the importance of breastfeeding a newborn. I am certified in caring for a newborn, and I have helped a lot of mothers.

For the first week after delivery, the feeling that comes over most mothers can be overwhelming. They have to start baby lactation, and then there is the issue of the baby blues. It might not be smooth sailing at first, especially since the newborn is still learning to latch. I advise mothers to start breastfeeding within the first hour after delivery to stimulate their breasts to produce milk.

In the first week, baby lactation is vital since the first milk has many essential nutrients and antibodies necessary for its development. As a baby grows older, breastfeeding starts to feel less and less like an ordeal, and it’s more of playtime combined with feeding time. Baby lactation is the easiest and most direct way to help show babies what is right. I find helping mothers who are having a hard time with baby lactation is an exciting part of my job.

When breastfeeding, especially for first-time mothers, I recommend getting lactation support. Lactation support is vital for identifying and trying to rectify any challenge that may occur during lactation. The most problematic area where most mothers are grateful to find help is in getting babies to latch correctly. I cannot count the number of times I have left a new mother in tears after realizing that all they needed was a little help to feed a baby right.

I will always remind mothers that everyone around them is rooting for them and wishing them all the best as they raise their little ones. I also tell them that these expectations can sometimes overwhelm them. That is why it is essential to utilize a lactation support group’s services when they feel they want to talk to someone or go through first-time parenthood. Contact me to find out more about my consultancy offerings.

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