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Lactation Consultant

What to Expect from A Lactation Consultant?

Ever since my early days as a nurse, I have followed my calling to help breastfeeding mothers. I found that the best way to support new mothers is by providing lactation support, which I felt would help navigate motherhood. Nowadays, even the government has mandatory regulations on how to care for breastfeeding mothers.

Being a new mother may come with challenges, but with enough support, especially lactation support, new mothers can successfully navigate all the challenges. Breastfeeding may come easy to some moms and their babies, while others may require a bit of help. In my field, the service I provide comes from information about infant feeding,mother-baby bonding, and the recovery process after delivery. My belief lies in the fact that a little compassion goes a long way. You can find out more about my experiences providing lactation support to breastfeeding mothers on

I feel that it is essential not to leave people guessing about what a lactation consultant does. There is always a general idea that comes to mind when the word lactation consultant comes up. As a certified lactation consultant, I have the following tasks.

  • Diagnosing low milk production

It is regular to come across mothers who are having a hard time producing enough milk for their newborns after birth. Sometimes they may not realize it, and that is where I come in. After diagnosis, I work with mothers who have issues with buy applying techniques that will increase supply. I can help them identify the affective factors and go on from there to eliminate the problem.

  • Being of assistance to mothers with premature babies

The worst thing that any mother with a newborn can live through is having to watch as their premature baby struggles to live. As a lactation consultant, I offer emotional support, accompanied by real help with showing them how to get their newborns to latch.

When you look up for a certified lactation consultant near me, the above services are not all you will get. I help new mums by checking on them and their newborns frequently. I help them in handling situations like sore nipples and uncomfortably enlarged breasts caused by too much milk. Mostly my work involves reassuring mothers that they will learn to feed their newborn in due time and with a little patience and practice. With my recent board-certified lactation consultant credential renewal I am also working on finding new ways to improve being an assistant to new mothers by offering trainings, seminars, and conferences.

I have had a run-in with expectant mothers who mostly ask if there are certified lactation consultants near me besides myself. Typically, I suggest that they visit sites online that can direct to consultants near their areas. Either way, there is always the option of getting recommendations from the prenatal clinic that they attend. For more information on lactation support and consultancy, you can look me up on

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